'Ancient monuments and antiquities are one of the precious gifts passed on to us by our ancestors and thus, it not only happens to be our karma but it is also our dharma to keep them protected and conserved'.


The Kapilavastu museum is one of the newest and ambitious museums under the Archaeological Survey of India. The museum is the integral constituent of archaeological site at Piprahawa and Ganwaria identified as Ancient Kapilavastu, the home town of Lord Buddha. Collection of the museum includes seals & sealings, objects of terracotta, metal, ivory, bone, etc. from 8th B.C.E. to 5th Century CE.

Presently, the museum is consisted of two galleries showing the history of Kapilavastu and the different aspects of the life of Lord Buddha.

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Help in keeping the monuments clean.

Help in maintaining the natural environment around the monuments.

Help in preventing and avoiding any kind of destruction of a monument by any one. Report any such matter to the concerned staff.

Keep distance while looking at any displayed or easily reachable antiquity and and painting, etc.

Help in protecting unprotected monuments, antiquities, etc.

Help in creating cultural awareness among the masses.

Help in maintaining the sanctity of the monuments.